What I'm Working on Right Now

I am currently available for contracting. This now page shares what’s occupying my time at the moment. If you have your own website, you might want to create one as well.

  • I help cross functional teams develop and coordinate strategies. This includes writing code, analyzing data, and communicating results.
  • I am passionate about Clojure/Lisp and Jupyter/Python notebooks.
  • I am most interested in initiatives that address the social and ethical issues of our time.

Find out more about me here and on GitHub. CV available upon request.


I am tracking 🇮🇹 The Corona Virus in Turin, Italy using a computational notebook on Nextjournal.

Launching this blog.

Finishing my contribution to Dick Van Lente’s Prophets of Computing book. My chapter is on Commodore’s growth during the mainframe era and its subsequent contributions to personal computing.

A secret book project.


  • Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven
  • Lankavatara Sutra
  • Mindfully Facing Climate Change

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