What I'm Working on Right Now

I am currently available for contracting. This now page shares what’s occupying my time at the moment. If you have your own website, you might want to create one as well.

  • I help cross functional teams develop and coordinate strategies. This includes writing code, analyzing data, and communicating results.
  • I am passionate about Clojure/Lisp and Jupyter/Python notebooks.
  • I am most interested in initiatives that address the social and ethical issues of our time.

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I am tracking 🇮🇹 The Corona Virus in Turin, Italy using a computational notebook on Nextjournal.

Adding features to this blog.

I just completed my contribution to Dick Van Lente’s Prophets of Computing book. My chapter is on Commodore’s growth during the mainframe era and its subsequent contributions to personal computing.

A secret book project.


  • Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven
  • Lankavatara Sutra

I just finished 81 Little Lions by Immanuel de Villers.

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